Jun 082012
Linkedin passwords were stolen today.
This is a good time to mention password security & password length.
Even if you don’t have a Linkedin account, this applies to all passwords.

If you use a short password your password is in danger of being hacked. With fast computers, cracking passwords has become very easy and quick.

Here are some facts:

A six-letter password takes a little over seven seconds to crack.
A seven-letter password would takes 13 hours.
An eight characters pushes the time up to 57 days.
A nine-character password takes up to 15 years.

For better security make your passwords 12 to 16 letters with a mix of upper/lower case numbers and even ASCII characters.

Like my dad used to say…

If yours is short, it is useless…

(I’m not sure he was talking about passwords tho)