Jan 082012

J’aime Le Cafe
       I Love Coffee

In my first post I mentioned that every month or so a new study comes out saying coffee is really good or really bad.  The latest information I’m using to justify my addiction is from:
Jerru-Ann Jennings, M.S., RD
(Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine)


Below are some of the points made in a recent article:


1.  Coffee Protects your Heart – Moderate coffee drinkers have lower rates of stoke than noncoffee drinkers. (Linked to coffee’s antioxidants that activate nitric oxide that widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure)


2.  Coffee helps Diabetics – Those antioxidants boost sensitivity or insulin that helps regulate blood sugar.  (effects of caffeine may also reduce insulin sensitivity so decaf may be better for diabetics)


3.  Coffee boosts brain and reflex functions – DUH… it’s a stimulant


My advice, if you like it drink it.
(of course, in moderation)


Don’t you just love it when something you like is found to be good for you too! 


Jan 082012

J’aime Le Cafe
       I Love Coffee

I think it is appropriate that my first post on my newblog to be about coffee.

Every work day I MUST stop at Puccino’s Coffee on my way to work.
Someone told me that Puccino’s was out of my way to work.
My response was, no it’s not, you see, if I don’t go there, I never make it to work so it is really a shortcut to work.

Seems that every month or so, some research study finds that coffee is bad for you ro causes cancer or some dreaded illness.  But don’t worry, next month a different study will be published reversing that study and saying that coffee is really very healthy for you.  :)

Rather than worry about who is correct, I’ve decided to just drink it and enjoy it.